Heritage In Ruins: Israel’s Attack Destroys 600-Year-Old Monastery In South Lebanon

A dark shadow of grief and loss was cast in Lebanon on the day before Christmas Eve when news broke out that Israel had targeted a 600-year-old monastery in the south of the country. It was an attack that shocked the world and made many question the reason behind such an attack by Israel. This is unfortunately part of an ongoing series of attacks by Israel which began to take place at the same time as the beginning of the October 7 Hamas attack. As with Gaza, Israel has been bombarding Lebanon with an onslaught of bombings and targeting age-old holy sites in Lebanon with the monastery being the most recent attack.

Via the961

The Deir Mimas Monastery holds a special place among the residents of the village especially as it stood tall on a hill surrounded by olive trees since 1404. At that time, it was built in honor of Saint Mama, a shepherd of the 3rd century and a martyr of Christianity. It is a prominent landmark that faced many tragedies as it was destroyed and damaged but it kept getting rebuilt even after it faced massive destruction during the Lebanese-Israeli war. Back in 2010, its reconstruction was financed by Qatar, showcasing its vast importance as a heritage site in Lebanon.

The building itself drew inspiration from traditional Lebanese architecture and was considered a complete complex with a stage hall and many rooms to accommodate worshipers. Today, what remains of it is rubble as it became yet another victim of the ongoing violence and attacks led by Israel. The tragic attack placed the Lebanese Christian community in a state of grief.

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