A Look Back At The Two Arab Artists’ Unique Showcase During London Gallery Weekend

Arab artists across the region have recently flocked to London town to take part in the third edition of London Gallery Weekend from June 2 to 4. It was a free-to-attend three-day annual event where London’s galleries opened their doors for extended hours.

Among the artists who exhibited their work was Nour Joauda, a Libyan artist based between Cairo and London. Bringing something unique to the art world, Jaouda’s art focuses on using textiles from found pieces of linen or cotton canvas, ripping them up, dying or painting them and then stitching them all together to create complex multi-layered artwork.

Via Frieze

Her work blends together many themes including that of cities, spaces, migration and identity especially through the use of mixed fabrics and even curtain tassels. The unique nature of her artwork nabbed her a place among Frieze magazine’s “Best Shows at London Gallery Weekend” list. Along with the London Gallery Weekend, her work will continue to be on display at Union Pacific until July 8.

Joining the Arab artist is Nour Mobarak, an Egyptian-born artist who is known to leverage unusual substances to create unique sculptures including mycelium, mushrooms, body substances and industrial residues. For the London Gallery Weekend, the artist regurgitated her unique use of materials, creating sculptural renditions of Apollo, Cupid, Dafne, Venus and nine additional figures. Just as with Jaouda, Mobarak was also celebrated and added onto Frieze magazine’s list. You can check out her exhibition which will continue to be displayed at the Rodeo Gallery until Sept. 23.

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