Hope Shattered: Israeli Settlers Vandalize Humanitarian Aid Convoy to Gaza

Every time a semblance of hope shines through for Palestine, that moment of respite ends with some sort of new tragedy. This time it was when Gaza received humanitarian aid after the International Court of Justice forced Israel to enable humanitarian assistance. At that moment, settlers decided to vandalize that very humanitarian aid in the presence of Israeli authorities.

Early on Monday, a Jordanian aid convoy that was on its way to the Gaza Strip ended up getting attacked by Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

The convoy itself was made up of 98 trucks that were carrying food and relief supplies that were sent over from Jordan. A dozen settlers blocked the convoy at the Tarkumiya and Kiryat Arba checkpoints. When they attacked the convoy, they damaged the truck’s tires, vandalizing the cargo, throwing parcels of food on the ground and tearing them apart.

This wasn’t the first time that humanitarian aid got vandalized, as it is considered the third incident in this month alone. Last Tuesday, a couple of far-right Israelis blocked the roads at the Saturn junction, which prevented aid trucks coming from Jordan from passing through. They didn’t stop there as they also attacked the convoy, damaged the content, and threw the content on the floor.

Again, this symbolizes a moment when hope was yet again dimmed, as the Monday attacks came one day after Israel announced the opening of a new border crossing into the northern Gaza Strip.

As more atrocities continue to take place in Gaza, we cannot help but beg the question: When will enough be enough?

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