Asoka Fever: TikTok Trend Takes the Arab World by Storm

Rapid zap-like hand movement, quick cuts, and the appearance of bold colors and makeup might sound familiar as they represent the core pieces of a typical Asoka video. Meet the Asoka makeup trend taking over TikTok.

Anyone taking part in the trend will film themselves getting styled in ancient Indian bridal hair, makeup, and outfits in the beat of the song “San Sanana” from the 2001 Bollywood film Asoka.

The Social Media Craze

Racking up millions of views on TikTok, the trend has led to a social media craze. Whenever any influencer mimics them, these videos go viral just for trying them out. So far, Canadians have the most popular versions, generating millions of views.

One simple example of the power of these videos is the one by Camila Pudim, a Brazilian influencer whose own rendition of the Asoka trend earned a whopping 30 million likes on TikTok.

What About The Arab World?

When it comes to the Arab world, we have an avid love and fascination for trends and that is why many across the region hopped on to recreate the Asoka makeup video. Each person who hopped on the trend did so for different reasons.

Showcasing How Arabs Glam Up

One of the many who hopped on the trend was Rozzah, a Dubai-based digital creator who recreated the trend in the “Arab way” with simple makeup and her naturally straightened hair. That video alone racked up 1.5 million likes and showcased the gorgeous simplicity of Rozzah’s makeup.

Brand Representation

Along for the ride was Yemeni-Emirati singer and actress Balqees Fathi, who recreated the video using her very own makeup line, Bex Beauty, including her signature Cafe Concealers. By hopping onto the Asoka trend, she found a new and creative way to showcase her makeup line.

A Taste Of Morocco

Moroccan beauty influencer Houda Oubellane, with her very own makeup line known as Miss Douaa, is joining the bandwagon. In her own rendition, she switches from pigtails to straightened hair, followed by a series of simple makeup.

There Are Even Hilarious Arab Recreations

Along with Arab influencers recreating the trend, in Egypt, a touch of humor seeped through the videos as well. In one hilarious knockout of the original video, Asoka’s song was added to a video of El Nazar in his fight scene with the school bully. That scene with the Asoka music is truly a hilarious masterpiece.

This barely scratches the surface when it comes to the level of creativity and artistry involved with the Asoka makeup trend. It goes to show how one trend can be recreated and celebrated in more than one way as well as the power of TikTok.

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