Yasmin Yousri Claims Credit HighJack from Farawla Makers, Is There A Trend ‘Theft’?

If you remember, two years back, influencer and happiness coach Yasmin Yousri shared a video all about positive affirmations. In it, Yousri snaps her fingers while singing, “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am free. I am safe. I don’t have to be like anyone else.” This became an instant trend.

Now fast forward two years later, that very same finger snapping anthem got an appearance on Farawla as Nelly Kareem and Shaimaa Seif sang their own version on the show.

At first, when Yousri saw the clip, she was happy to see that what she had turned into a trend became part of a Ramadan TV show starring Karim and Seif. As time passed, though, things took a turn.

There was behind-the-scenes footage on the set of Farawla of Seif doing the trend again and also saying a phrase that Yousri made famous, “Afasah el Look.”

This phrase is special to Yousri, as it’s all about treating yourself by wearing an outfit that you’ve been saving for something special. When Yousri saw the footage of Seif, she didn’t take it well.

At that moment, she wanted credit for both the snapping finger trend and her famous phrase, as she was their creator. She didn’t like that it was mocked and used for humor, as to her, they’re all ways to boost positivity and self-love.

In response, Yousri sent a message to Kareem and the creator of the show, requesting that they give her credit for the use of her trend.

Only time will tell what will happen and if, in fact, they’ll credit her. Tell us, what do you think of Yousri’s situation? How would you react if the same thing happened to you?

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