Mark Your Calendars: Amr Diab Takes the Stage in Dubai on June 18th!

Get set for an incredible night of music with Egyptian pop star Amr Diab at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on June 18th! The iconic singer will captivate the Emirati and international audiences with his unforgettable love songs, accompanied by the electrifying beats of Russian sensation DJ Twins.

Tickets for this exceptional event are available on the Coca-Cola Arena and Ticketmaster websites. Make sure to mark your calendars for this must-see performance!

Amr Diab also took the main stage at Global Village in Dubai on January 18th, 2024, and brought a lot of entertainment to the audience and made it one of the most unforgettable nights.

With June’s concert taking place during Eid at Dubai’s premier live entertainment venue, Coca-Cola Arena, get ready to sing, dance, and make more memories!

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