Don’t Fall for Scams: Saudi Authorities Warn Against Fake Hajj Services

Would you pay someone to perform Hajj on your behalf or sell you Hajj bracelets? These services and many others have been on offer for some time now across social media. There is a catch, though, as all these ads are actually fake and deceptive.

Via Siasat

These deceptive ads claim to offer services, including securing and distributing sacrificial offerings (Adahi) and offering transportation and accommodation. So far, two residents have been arrested for publishing these fake and misleading ads.

In response, the Directorate of Public Security of Saudi Arabia told citizens and residents to be careful and to avoid responding to these fake social media ads. There will be strict penalties for anyone who engages in these fraudulent activities.

When it comes to some of the services, like the distribution of Adahi, it is known that the Project for Utilisation of Hady and Adahi is the only official entity authorized to sell Adahi bonds.

How to Stay Safe

Knowing how all this fraudulent activity is taking place, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said that pilgrims should rely on official channels to ensure that they gain access to a safe and authentic pilgrimage.

The Ministry stresses that all pilgrims need a Hajj permit to perform Hajj and that, starting June 2, Saudi Arabia will begin penalizing anyone who tries to perform the Hajj illegally. Anyone violating Hajj regulations is expected to pay a fine of at least 10,000 SAR.

With the Hajj expected to take place soon, by June 14, stay safe and follow official channels to perform the Hajj without fear of penalties.

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