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Mangaweyat: Netflix Anywhere

Are you bored of your TV? Can’t stand all the news that’s around and want to watch something different? Then have no fear, Netflix is here. Yes, finally what we’ve all been waiting for! Time to enjoy a good movie at the comfort of your home. Some people have already heard about this, but incase […]

Mangaweyat: AlBernameg Critique

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Bassem Youssef and I don’t think that a lot of people had the opportunity like me to attend the show twice, and I’m really proud of the “Time” top 100 achievement that he accomplished, but this article is not to glorify Dr. Bassem. This is a constructive criticism to […]

Mangaweyat: Good News

Why is it, that pretty much all the media channels out there are only interested in the bad news that is happening around the world? Why aren’t they telling us that there are still good people living on this planet? Every day, all we hear is bad news and more bad news and even more […]

Mangaweyat: The Strongest One There Is

“LEAVE HULK ALONE“, this is one of the most common quotes that my big green friendly monster usually says. For anyone who is not familiar with this “fictional” marvel character, he is a very renowned scientist (Dr. Bruce Banner) in the field of gamma radiation. In some freakish accident he was exposed to gamma rays […]

Mangaweyat: Insect Vampires AKA Mosquitos

Oh how I hate these creatures, I hate them so much. Every year at the beginning of summer, they start gathering troops and scheming to make our lives a living hell, but what I’ve noticed recently is something far worse. I don’t know if any of you noticed that they are starting to get much […]

Mangaweyat: Imagination Land

For any South Park fans the title of this story is a flashback to an awesome trilogy episode created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. A quick summary for anyone who missed that episode, the infamous Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski have a bet that Cartman can prove that leprechauns are real. Cartman succeeds in […]

Mangaweyat: Monkey Suit

“Be yourself and do your best”, I believe that the previous comment has been one of the foundations of any motivational speaker and all the “feel good” movies starring Adam Sandler; unfortunately I’m beginning to discover that this is not real, and that lying and deception are the keys to success. What makes these awful […]

Managaweyat: Game Over? Not Anymore!

Video games have been condemned by almost every parent and every news organization around the world, they claim it increases violence in children, wastes time, results in poor eyesight and so many other claims. Some of these claims may be true, but this does not negate the fact that there are a lot of benefits […]

Mangaweyat: Conversation With a Douche

Me: Do you think that wearing a shirt open to your stomach makes you look cool? Douche: The open shirt defines who I am, this is me. Also, the ladies love it. Me: What do you think about the world being a contradictive place where they encourage you to be yourself and at the same […]