Mangaweyat: Netflix Anywhere

Are you bored of your TV? Can’t stand all the news that’s around and want to watch something different? Then have no fear, Netflix is here. Yes, finally what we’ve all been waiting for! Time to enjoy a good movie at the comfort of your home. Some people have already heard about this, but incase you’re not one of them, time to get excited! 

Now you are able to get Netflix at your home, on your laptop, Apple TV or even on your IPhone. All you have to do is use a website called “Unblock-US”  and make a monthly subscription.

Each device has a different setup procedure, so make sure you go though it step by step. After you’re done subscribe to Netflix, and there you go, Netflix is online!

How much will that cost me? All you need it 13$, 5$ for UnblockUs and 8$ for Netflix. Now you’ve got Netflix or an entire month, awesome deal right?

A couple of friends and I have been using the website for over a year now and it’s very secure and we never had any issues. Also, another benefit is that this website doesn’t only give you Netflix, but a variety of websites that are only available in the US like Hulu, CBS, AdultSwim, SouthPark Studios and many many more. 

Thanks to Unblock-US my TV experience in Egypt has been altered significantly, and I wanted to share with everyone that you can have this now. So go check it out and ENJOY. It takes 10 minutes to do everything and don’t worry it’s legit and has a 24/7 customer service that responds almost instantly to your email requests and comments. 

P.S: It only works with WiFi (Any WI FI anywhere) not 3G, and the website has to be one of your open tabs on any browser so if any Internet address changes (which happens rarely) you just press a button to be back online.