Wild Curls: 10 Problems People With Curly Hair Struggle With Daily

Each hair type has its own struggles. But as a curly-haired girl, no one prepares you for the trouble you’ll face when you start embracing your curls. If it’s cold, there are specific precautions to be taken. Windy? Fine. When it’s hot and humid, you better just put it up in a bun. Is it raining today? Don’t even try. The curly hair struggle is real!

It’s a responsibility, and only the strong will have the energy for it and sometimes you’ve got to go through hell to come out looking this fine. Get your hair tie ready and let’s indulge in 10 curly hair problems all of you curly-haired queens might face!

1. Being scared to get a haircut because you don’t know how much the hairdresser is going to chop off.
2. Running out of conditioner before shampoo.
3. Wearing it up all the time, because it’s too much work to wear it down.
4. When you straighten your hair once and everyone tells you that you should do it all the time.
5. Being asked, “Is that your real hair?”
6. When your curls look good at home and then you step outside and it turns into a frizz ball.
7. Spending so much money on hair products just to try them, and then have them not work.
8. Everyone wanting to touch your hair!
9. When your hair looks on point, but the day is over, and going to bed is going to murder it.
10. Washing your hair a lot to get the perfect curls, then have it be as dry as a bone.

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