PIE: From Revolutionizing Real Estate to Helping Buyers Make Informed Decisions, This is the App for You

Real estate has recently become one of the largest booming sectors in Egypt. The advancement in any field makes it essential to incorporate technology to make it accessible to a wider range of people. Under the slogan ‘The World of Real Estate in One App,’ Hassan Sadek, a 37-year-old Egyptian, created PIE. Short for Property Inventory Enterprise, the idea stemmed from his passion for developing and showcasing real estate.

After almost two years of remote development in the Czech Republic and India, PIE was launched. The app presents the country’s real estate database by understanding the search habits of customers and fine tuning results to cater their needs. Moreover, the first phase showcases property listings offered by real estate developers as well as starting prices and details for each property type. These details will assist customers in selecting from a wide range currently on sale within the Egyptian market.

The Search Begins:

“Customers downloading PIE will be able to view all developers and their projects, which includes brochures, project map locations, construction status, and more details,” said Sadek. PIE will include an updated real estate directory that would include details such as brokers, interior designers, construction companies, and others. Furthermore, the app will consist of financing calculators to determine how customers can pay for their selected properties. Included as well are average market prices that are categorized by their location, market analysis, and other specific factors.

Considering a real estate investment early on is not pursued by everyone. However, others invest in it later once they’ve established a financially stable life. With this app, the entire process becomes not only simpler, but more accessible to everyone scouting for investment. According to Sadek, owning a comfortable home, an office, or a piece of land is something most aspire to. “Whether it is something temporary or permanent, spending time in a nice property creates happiness and peace of mind,” said Sadek.

Starting with Egypt, Sadek aims to make PIE the biggest source of property listings and information within the market. “By making all the data available to Egyptians, we will help buyers make informed decisions, make brokers give accurate consultations, and provide developers with a wealth of information to make better communities for everyone,” said Sadek.

On a side note, Hassan was named after his grandfather who founded ISIS Travel, the first tourism company in Egypt in 1933.

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