Ways to Straighten Your Curly Hair Without Heat

By Lojain El Shawaf

The excessive straightening using heat is very damaging for the hair, especially hair with curly texture. The excessive use of heat over time will make the texture of your natural hair disappears leaving it blotchy and unhealthy. So, to avoid the damage, here I’ve collected some techniques to give you nearly the same result as the straightener but in a healthy way. 

Section wet hair and wrap it tightly to the head

This method has been used in Egypt for generations, you’ve probably heard the term ”ta’ia” before.  Divide your hair into sections and start wrapping it around your head, next step is to keep your hair fixed to your head using bobby pins. It’s safe to say that it works on people with wavy-like kind of hair. I must say that it creates a bit of an unpleasant shape to those of curly hair, as it leaves the hair undefined. So if you have that coil texture just skip to the next one.

Keep brushing wet hair until it dries

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Hair is most flexible to be shaped when it’s wet. So you can always change your hair’s nature after the shower or after getting it washed. One of the safest methods to get straight hair is by brushing it until it gets dry.

Put your hair in a bun overnight

This method won’t give you the straight/sleek hair, instead, you’ll get beautiful beach waves that sometimes look much better than the straightened hair with no dimensions. Just make sure that the hair is wet before putting it in a bun.  

Use an extra absorbent microfiber towel

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Rubbing your hair with a towel causes frizz and breakage, which by time will change the texture of your hair, however, microfiber towel is your alternative to avoid frizziness and absorbing water off your wet hair without damagin it. Wrap the towel on wet hair after putting it in the shape you like either straight or waves, and keep the towel on your hair until it dries.

Wash your hair with straightening shampoo or conditioner

Compared to “regular” shampoos, straightening shampoos contain higher levels of ingredients like silicones, polymers that can help weigh the hair down, fighting its natural tendency to curl up. The straightening shampoo will make your hair feel softer and lighter so you’ll be able to change its texture easily.

Use huge hair rollers

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Also when the hair is wet you can wrap your hair around very big rollers overnight, your hair will turn out straight and it won’t lose its volume.

Dry your hair with cold air

No heat, just cold air will do the job. Keep on brushing your wet hair while drying it with cold air and you’ll get a beautiful, smooth straight hair without enduring any damage that is usually caused by heat.

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