Viral Visual: Kate Upton in Zero Gravity

The winners over at Sports Illustrated came up with the ridiculous idea to take Kate Upton on a parabolic flight.

Kate Upton
Phallic much?


Because… science?

Kate Upton


Maybe to test out a theory about floating globes?

Kate Upton


Here she is upside down:



And sideways:



And backwards:



And if that wasn’t gratuitous enough, there’s even a video:


Which, of course, the interwebz has already GIF’d:



We’re not gonna lie, Kate’s a stunner, but we think SI would have really stunned with a shoot like this featuring a fuller-figured model or maybe even just a normal person off the street. How’s that for provocative and pushing boundaries?


WE SAID THIS: Check out Hadeer Hameed’s article on “Questioning the Plus Size“.

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