10 Resolutions for the Digital Age that Will Help You Get a Real Life


I hereby declare 2015 to be the year of Unplugging.



1. No phones during meals



When you’re breaking bread with someone, notifications should not be involved. Put your phone on silent and turn it face down if you must.

You’re not just sharing a meal with other people, you’re sharing time with them – and vice versa. So make an effort to make a connection.



2. No texting while driving



Let’s survive 2015, shall we? Be safe, people.



3. Limit binge watching



Go to bed. Or go outside. You shouldn’t get to a place where you’re asking yourself when was the last time you saw the sun.

Set a cap of, say, two episodes max before bed and then get some damn sleep. Keeping a regular sleep schedule is vital for your health and well-being, and nights spent re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning will only leave you traumatized and cranky in the morning.



4. If you’re still sending Candy Crush invites…



Think about all the time you spend crushing virtual candy – or hunting zombies, or assassinating enemies, or collecting potions, depending on your gaming addiction of choice…

Now, think about all the items on your I’m-too-busy-to-do list, or people-I-haven’t-seen-in-forever list. What are you waiting for?



5. No more creeping online


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.12.46 PM

Sure, we’re all a bit guilty, but let’s face it: Online stalking is creepy. And when taken too far, it can reinforce negative, often self-destructive thoughts.

Why are you stalking your ex, again? And your ex’s sister and your ex’s new girlfriend and your ex’s new girlfriend’s best friend? Let it go.



6. Less chatting, more face time



Let’s leave ghosting in 2014 and bring chivalry back. Let’s Skype less and visit each other more. Let’s prioritize face-to-face interactions over group chats.

A voice choking on tears, a comforting pat on the shoulder, a sensual look – these things can’t be replaced with emoticons.



7. No e-mails on vacation



Learn to set boundaries – and respect them. Leave your work at the office and keep your “me” time sacred. You deserve it.



8. Turn “likes” into action



If you feel so strongly about something, do something about it. Posting rants about the terrible parking situation on your street or liking photos of some far-off destination or sharing that page with inspiring designs – these things make up just one side of the coin.

The other requires action – in real life. Organize a community meeting. Book a ticket. Make your own designs.



9. No more of this…




You’re missing the point – or avoiding it, completely. And that’s when you should ask questions. Where is your resentment toward your family coming from? Why are you staying in a relationship that doesn’t nourish your soul?

You may not have all the answers, but challenging yourself to confront your deepest motivations is worth it – and the first step to making better choices.



10. Live now, share later



There’s no shame in #latergrams or even #waylatergrams – or *gasp* not sharing on social media at all. It still happened.

Your self-worth is not measured by the likes on your photos or the speed by which you post them. I repeat, your social media popularity is not a validation of your existence.



Close your laptop, put your phone down and live in the moment, because just like that, it’s gone.



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