Same Shit, Different Age: 20 Things We All Realize As We Get Older

Sorry to break it to you, but high school drama doesn’t end at graduation…



In fact, it only escalates. A guy hooking up with another girl while he’s dating someone else turns into full-blown affairs by married men (and women) or second (and third) marriages.




Cliques and grudges turn into allegiances in business and rivalries between companies.


“You can’t sit with us”



Teachers gossiping about their students becomes bosses gossiping about their employees.




And Mean Girls? They don’t only exist in the classroom – you’ll find them at the sports club, at the private parties, at the weddings – and at the funerals.





And heartbreaks don’t get any easier. In fact, you’ll discover that as you get older, the people you meet are more and more complicated because they’ve been through more and more disappointments and loneliness.




It might seem that, after years of love found and lost, what you’re left to deal with aren’t the people themselves, but their egos, defense mechanisms, baggage and fears.




And you’ll still compare every relationship to your first love.




We still don’t know what we’re doing or what we want. You know how you couldn’t choose a major in university? Try settling on a single career or passion.




Or the person who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.




There are those lucky people – we see them on Facebook at least – who seem to have everything figured out.





That might be true, for a bit, but you’ll also realize that life never settles and the cycle of destruction and regeneration comes full circle.




One thing that doesn’t change: Our parents. No matter how old you get, you’ll still be your parents’ little baby and they’ll always think the world of you.





They’ll also still think they know what’s best for you, your mother will never stop telling you to bring a jacket in case it gets cold and you’ll never stop going to your father for money.




We still don’t have the answers. But we’re still asking questions.




Our image of the future keeps changing form, adapting to everything that we learn from our mistakes and our successes.





Obstacles remain, although their shapes change.




And we still have our obsessions. Whether its with shoes or comics or what other people think of us, we can’t help it.





But humor never fails to ease your mind.




Play never fails to strengthen your body.




And creativity never fails to soothe your soul.




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