7 Ways Tazbeet Has Changed In Seven Years

Remember when MSN Messenger was the thing? And you used to sign out and then back in again just to get your crush’s attention? The days of screen names like “hOtBaBybLu77“ and “A/S/L?” weren’t even that long ago.

We’ve been thinking lately about just how much the dating game has transformed in recent years. Are the differences for the better or for the worst? We’re not really sure, to be honest, but we cherish all of our tazbeet memories from back in the day – no matter how awkward or heartbreaking.

Here are seven ways tazbeet has changed in seven years:



1. Missed calls



Back then it was just to say “hi” and now it means to “call me back” – but it doesn’t necessarily mean “I don’t have credit”!



2. Calling your crush on a landline versus chatting on WhatsApp now



And being interrupted by nosy parents eavesdropping on your call! And if you were in a long-distance relationship, you wrote actual letters instead of using Skype.



3. When social media was MSN Messenger, ICQ and mIRC



The worst was when someone used the phone, interrupting the dial-up connection and your intense chat convo with your crush. And remember how it was all about Hi5 instead of Facebook?



4. Tazbeet Places



Dates used to be at sporting clubs, parks and fast-food spots and now you go out with your bae to cafes, bars and clubs.



5. Gifts



Gifts used to be flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and songs sent to your phone and now you give/get jewelry, designer bags and the latest mobile phones.



6. Photos



Remember when we used to take actual photos with actual cameras and print them out to make actual albums and collages instead of Facebook albums and Instacollages?



7. How to keep our crushes with us wherever we go



We used to keep passport photos of our bf/gf in our wallets and now we make a couple selfie the background of our smartphones.



And what hasn’t changed in tazbeet in seven years?





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