Why Flybarre Dubai Is My Newest Fitness Obsession


I remember the first time I ever walked into a Flywheel studio to check it out. I walked right into the spinning room and immediately felt at home. It looked quite cool and totally like something right down my fitness alley.

Flywheel Logo_JPEG_LARGEWith the tech pack attached to each bike, a whole competitive element is introduced into the class. Plus I’m a sucker for anything that will push me to my limits. Along with the pumping music they play, I knew that I had found my next favorite workout location!

Walking over to the opposite side of the studio, I peered into the Flybarre room and just became confused. It didn’t look like aerobics. There was a bar running along the perimeter of the room, yet it also wasn’t a dance class, and there were all kinds of workout accessories strewn throughout, such as weights and resistance bands.

Every individual in the room was contorting into different positions with looks of pain and anguish (I would later come to know that they were in the middle of burning out their thigh muscles) and I started to back away from the window vowing to stay clear of such a torture chamber.

Time passed and, sure enough, I became a regular at Flywheel. I loved the energy of the gym. All of the instructors as well as the front desk staff were super friendly and fun to talk with. The spin class was an amazing workout from which I always walked out feeling both accomplished and exhausted. What more could one want from a workout?

But, like any fitness buff, I began to feel in need of a new fitness challenge. The Torture Chamber loomed in the distance and I slowly felt myself getting drawn into it. With the tingling feeling of venturing into the unknown, I entered my first Flybarre class.




That first class was tough, I am not gonna lie. Calling the room a “torture chamber” wasn’t far off, with torture being called “pulses”. However, isn’t it sometimes in anguish that pleasure emerges? And pleased I was as I attended class after class and began to see results.

Not only was Flybarre a great workout, it was really fun since the classes are super energetic and fast-paced. There was never a dull moment and I began to become more toned while rocking out to some of my favorite songs.

Each Flybarre class is a total body sculpting experience that blends the best of light weight training, dance and core strengthening exercises. The concept is to focus on each of the muscle groups in the body and burn them out one by one. It helps to reshape the body for lean, strong and elongated muscles and is a great compliment to cardio.

While there are a lot of barre classes setting up shop in Dubai, Flybarre still remains closest to my heart. The studio is full of like-minded individuals there for a good workout and a good time. The energy is phenomenal and I really appreciate that the classes are tough enough that even guys who have attended leave feeling that they were really being physically challenged.

Plus, I can’t emphasize enough about the music. Good music is so integral to a good workout and the Flywheel studio in general has definitely gotten that formula right!

First timers to Flywheel are gifted a free Flywheel and Flybarre session. Each individual class is 110AED. Packages for five classes are available for 500 AED and 10 classes at 900 AED.




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