Egyptian Halloween Costumes That Are Scarier Than Death

As scary as Voldemort, Sauron, mummies, zombies and vampires can be, Egyptians wouldn’t blink an eye once if they were attacked by any of them in a dark alley. We obsess over things far simpler.






Just stand at the entrance of any party and ask for “ElRokhas”. Everyone’s nightmare.



Mortada Mansour’s CD



The guy knows everyone’s dirty deeds. You don’t want your CD getting out there to the public.



Adel Adham



The notorious Adel Adham, our favorite love-to-hate villain. Put on those glasses, that hat and just look at your crush and creep her out by telling her, “Ha3mel gazmetek kass Kaman.”



Mean Gossip Girls



Extremely disturbing, no matter how much you deny it.



Ramadan Sobhy



Wear a red T-shirt, carry around a football and do the stand in the middle of the party. If you don’t scare them, you sure as hell will provoke every single White Knight.



Egyptian Doctors


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.19.06 PM

Sad fact: We hate the hospitals and doctors of Egypt. Just the mere thought of needing an emergency room scares the life out of us.



Mr. X



We love him, but c’mon, have you heard that laugh? Nightmares.



Bassel ElKhayat



TV’s scariest guy at the moment. Just raise the infamous eyebrow, you’ll be recognized.



Writing a thesis in Egypt


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Only those who have gone through the ordeal of post-graduate studies in the public universities of Cairo will relate. A thesis equals years wasted, rivers made of tears, extra kilos and cellulite and multiple heart attacks.



Someone ignoring your SMS



You can add the words “delivered” or “seen” for a more painful effect.

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