Makeup Artist Dolly Yanny Taught Us the Easiest and Scariest DIY Halloween Makeup

Every year, it’s the same ordeal. Now that I’ve got the Halloween outfit, how will I do my own makeup? Where can I find body colors? Should I seek professional help? Oh God, my eye makeup sucks!

mostafaThis year, we decided to invite none other than one of our favorite makeup artists, Dolly Yanny, to our office, where she showed us easy tips and tricks for scary-as-hell looks using affordable and easily available materials.



First Look: Wild Cat


Photo 10-15-15-4

  • Start facial contouring using a contour palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Use a beauty blender — you can find it online or in any Sephora store — to blend the light and dark foundations
  • Darken the eyebrows and extend up and outwards with angled strokes
  • Use a thin black eyeliner for the perfect cat eye
  • Use black paint to outline the upper lip and tip of nose and add whiskers



Second Look: Scar Face


Photo 10-15-15-3

  • amiraUse black, blue, brown and grey eye shadows to create the bruised eye
  • Use same colors to draw a long scar on the face
  • Cut small pieces of thread, cover them in eyelash glue and place them along the scar to create “stitches”
  • Use a black pen to place dots at the ends of each piece of thread
  • For a bruised lip, you can add latex or gum from Makeup Forever to the corner of mouth
  • Then add red liquid paint from Samir & Ali or liquid blood from Makeup Forever to the edges of the bruised eye and lip



Third Look: Zipper Face


Photo 10-15-15

  • Use a pencil to mark the outline of the zipper
  • Spread small drops of eyelash glue on the area inside the outline
  • Wet a piece of tissue and place over glue for a wrinkled skin look
  • Add foundation to give it a skin tone
  • Use red lipstick and body paint — you can find it at Samir & Ali — to color the tissue for a burnt skin effect
  • Add a little bit of black eye shadow for darker burnt areas
  • Get an old zipper and fix to skin using eyelash glue over the line previously marked with a pencil and attach to the hair with bobby pins
  • For a more realistic feel, get opaque white contact lenses from Makeup Forever



WE SAID THIS: Follow Dolly on Instagram at @dollyyanny and @makeupbydolly and don’t miss DIY: Spooky Halloween Costumes For Adults.