Who Murdered Zai El Shams’ Farida? We Think We Might Know

Wherever you are on the Internet, everyone is talking about Zai El-Shams. Yes, we know if we google the original show we will easily find out who killed the sister, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve been avoiding spoilers on a daily basis to enjoy the Ramadan suspense.

Via Tarek Houssein

The show starts with a young mother-of-three missing, only for her sister to realize that she has drowned. No one knows if it was a suicide or murder, but we’re patiently waiting for an unexpected plot twist before the end of the month.

Some say Ahmed Malek and Ahmed ElSadaani did it, but we have far more interesting theories. Here are the wildest guesses regarding Farida’s killer.

Theory 1: She’s not even dead

Via Zai El-Shams

Yes, she might be alive and well. The level of attention seeking we aspire to reach. A classic case of mommy disappearing so everyone worries and realizes her worth. Bravo!

Theory 2: Dina ElSherbiny is Farida

We all know the deal, when there’s hypnosis involved that means the patient will discover that she’s a psycho with a dark tormented past. So, she either killed Farida herself as she never saved her from her abusive uncle, or even better, she IS Fardia!

Theory 3: The kids

Via Malak Hassan

Her kids got rid of her to end all the partying and bad parenting decisions. The oldest son in particular did it after he realized his mom had multiple boyfriends.

Theory 4: Qabil

This guy has been giving us the creeps for three weeks now. Something feels wrong, like “visit another show like a psycho and kill Farida” level of wrong

Theory 5: Mahmoud ElLeithy

Mahmoud El-Leithy has been haunting her since Ramadan 2017. We all remember how Reham Abdel Ghafour’s character humiliated and rejected him time after time. I wouldn’t put it past him to make a deal with the screenwriter to end her in episode one.

Theory 6: Her Ex and no, we’re not refering to Ahmed El-Saadani

Remember Karim Sobhy looking like a ticking timebomb when Farida was dancing with another guy at the club? There was once a great killer in Game of Thrones named Ramsey Bolton who said, “Jealousy bores me. You remember what happens to people who bore me.” Well, there you have it. We’re expecting Sobhy to be dragged to the police station soon.

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