Para Para Lympics

The world was in awe and everyone was glued to their TVs when the 2012 Olympics were taking place in London! One month later the Paralympics happen to come along in the same city and we; EGYPT win more Gold medals than our “Olympians,” and…..can you hear that silence!?! Ya that’s no one caring how our athletes are doing and how inspirational they actually are!

I don’t know what i despise more people’s lack of nationalism because these athletes have special needs or the fact that…no that is pretty much what i despise, how nasty human beings can be to one another when you aren’t coined “normal!”

Take Fatma Omar for example, she just won her 4th gold medal for Powerlifting, and breaking her OWN world record. In 2008 at the Beijing Games she lifted 141 kg, this year pushing her limits to 143 kg, solidifying not only the world record but another Gold Medal for Egypt, yet everyone sits by ideally in silence.

We Said This: If the media wants to continue turning a blind eye to the events, we DEFINITELY won’t!