Marassi Ad Goes Viral After Asking for EGP 80K/Night

If you think electricity, car gas, le Carnaval kahk, and school fees are expensive, a recent Facebook ad took things to a whole new level for the expression “out of budget”.

The Facebook page, I-Rent, just posted a Marassi mansion for rent. While the place has an incredible sea view and pool, it will cost you EGP 80k per night. We know Sahel rentals are skyrocketing but that is a full-year’s fee at an international school.

Via I-rent
Via I-rent

According to the ad, the mansion has two receptions, nine bedrooms, a dining room, living room, a driver’s room, a private beach, pool, jacuzzi, cinema, and parking that fits up to nine cars.

While many commenters suspected it’s a prank and not a real ad, the comments are hilarious nonetheless:

Translation: I would dance for you for four continous days but let me pay EGP 75k because i can’t afford the rest
Translation: Nine bedrooms, two receptions, cinema, parking. We need at least a month to take a tour around the house.

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