Americans Are Rethinking The Enemy As Osama bin Laden’s Letter Resurfaces Causing Controversy

Something in America is changing, probably for the better, thanks to globalized media and multilingual Arab activists. Now the news is talking about divisions in the Biden Administration, memos against Biden’s support to Israel are circulating, and hundreds of thousands are taking over the streets in support of Palestine with the Shut It Down For Palestine Movement, along with boycotts. With educating themselves around the history of Israel-Palestine-United States relations, comes a great disillusionment.

This week, American Tiktokers rediscovered a letter written by the infamous Osama Bin Laden leader of Al Qaeda who is claimed to be responsible for one of the country’s most defining incidents 9/11 Attack. Initially published in The Guardian back in 2002, the two-decade-old letter to America went viral. However, it was taken down on November 15, 2023. As according to the publication, the letter has been taken out of context.

A passage of the letter reads: “The creation and continuation of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals…there is no need to explain and prove the degree of American support to Israel…Anyone who disputes with the [Jews] is accused of anti-Semitism. This is one of the most fallacious, widely-circulated fabrications in history. The people of Palestine are pure Arabs and original Semites.”

The letter provides Americans with an alternative perspective, almost like a wake-up call to realize how much the United States is involved in the Palestinian genocide. Although many are taking it with a grain of salt, the main reason it went viral is because it tells a story that has long been controlled by one side, failing to see another point of view.

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