Turki Al Shikh’s McDonald’s Endorsement Sparks Controversy Amid Boycott

While people all over the world standing with Palestine against Israel and boycotting fast food company giant McDonald’s, along with other brands like Starbucks, the Saudi investor and President of its General Authority for Entertainment, and owner of UD Almeria Turki Al Sikh has posted a video and an X post announcing a special Macdonald’s offer available during the Riyadh Season.

His account restricted comments on the X post, however, social media users have called it out, describing it as a shameful act, showing no respect for the genocide in Gaza.

Earlier in October after the outbreak of the current conflict, McDonald’s Israel shared on social media that it is donating 4,000 meals and offering huge discounts for Israeli soldiers every day. The giant fast-food chain has been facing heat ever since.

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