Iran Installs Cameras As A Way To Enforce Dress Code

In Iran, authorities are installing cameras in public spaces to identify women who are not wearing the hijab and therefore defying the country’s strict hijab laws. While speaking to a local Iranian agency, several police officers explained the reasoning behind the decision, “in the context of preserving values, protecting family privacy and maintaining the mental health and peace of mind of the community, any kind of individual or collective behavior against the law, will not be tolerated.”

These new cameras will work in real-time and have the ability to detect women not wearing the veil. Once the camera catches any woman who is unveiled, she would be immediately sent a warning message that will include the time and place of were she had violated the law. These strict measurements have taken place because of the increasing number of women in Iran who have been taking off the veil in defiance of the hijab laws.

It all started when news broke out that 22-year old Iranian Mahsa Amini died while in custody of the Iran mortality police for allegedly breaking violating hijab laws. Since then, many women ended up taking a stand in Iran and across the world and took off the veil in defiance of the law.

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