Cairo Is Ranked As The World’s Most Budget-Friendly Tourist Destination

Via Condé Nast Traveller Middle East.

By Muhammed Aladdin

As old as time, Cairo has withstood the challenges of history, persisting with unmatched beauty. In each corner, the city has the footprints of the many previous civilizations that used to inhabit it, from the Pyramids to the mosques of Al-Fustat.

It is a safe, beautiful city that should be on every traveler’s bucket list, and according to one report, it is a budget-friendly destination.

According to the leading British travel company “Last Minute”, Cairo is the world’s most budget-friendly tourist destination. And even though the Egyptian public is complaining of the ever-so rising prices in the aftermath of the Egyptian pound’s devaluation, Cairo is a haven for foreigners looking for a beautiful sunny spot rich in culture and history for a vacation.

The British newspaper Express has reported that the travel-booking website ranked cities according to a number of factors including meal prices, housing prices, and transport charges. After calculating all the expenses, Last Minute found out that a day in Cairo can cost as less as USD 54.65.

This includes the cost for a full day tour which averages at USD 14.57, while transportation costs around USD 5.4. Thus, Cairo was ranked the world’s number one budget-friendly destination, followed by Mexico City in Mexico, and Antalya in Turkey.

Cairo has a lot to offer, a lot to experience, other than the aforementioned landmarks, the capital is famous for its growing food scene, hospitality businesses, and rapid progression. And let us not forget its overall authenticity and world-renowned culture. Besides, in recent years, the government has been taking steps to actively make the country a safer, more enjoyable place for its visitors.

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