Just for Laughs: Henedy in Quarantine is What We Need to Get Through the Day

The Egyptian comedy star Mohamed Henedy has been our favorite comedic actor for years now, from his funny roles impersonating a woman, to imitating a Khaleeji man, to just acting like his funny self, we have been blessed by his sense of humor that takes us out of a bad mood any day.

And to add to his funny movies and hilarious scenes, his Twitter account is all we need for a good laugh. With nearly 8 million followers, he regularly entertains us with short scenes from his movies, commenting on daily life situations, or sometimes getting into amusing conversations with his followers and sometimes even fellow actors.

Here are some of them, enjoy the laughs!

“Henedy to Egyptian actor Youssef El Sherif about his latest series ‘El Nehaya’: The issue of the false Messiah in your series, is it an expectation or information from the future?”
“Are you fasting or like every year?”
“When they tell you that alcohol kills viruses”
“Can someone please edit the picture and put a microphone in my hand or a different sandwich because this was a tuna sandwich and I was forced to eat it; I hate tuna. Why should a child have tuna?”
“Henedy: I hope all who enjoy summer are enjoying their time right now; we are melting!
Israa: Don’t you have an AC?
Henedy: I have one, but I’m torturing corona!”
“Before and after quarantine”
“I feel bad for not staying in China a bit longer and opening a ‘foul’ (beans) restaurant, we wouldn’t have had to deal with this whole issue”

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