A Scoop Of Mosalsalat: From ‘El Nehaya’ to ‘B 100 Wesh’, Here Are Our Favorite Villains of Ramadan 2020!

It could be argued, that even though the pandemic made things super hard and risky for all the series competing in the Ramadan race, it was a successful season when it comes to the number of exciting projects. While people usually talk about the best series, best actor, or actress, this season it was all about the villains. They, by all means, won Ramadan this year.

Actors and actresses this season did an amazing job portraying villains, so people are forgetting about the protagonist, and are discussing brilliant scenes from the bad guys. From Eyad Nassar appearing once in “El Nehaya” to Ahmed Zaher nearly leading “El Brens” beside Mohamed Ramadan, these actors took their roles to the next level and became the talk of the town. Here are some of the most amazing scenes by our favorite villains in Ramadan 2020.

Eyad Nassar As The Anti-christ in El Nehaya

ِAhmed Zaher as Fathy in El Brens

Hala Shiha as Farah in Kheyanet ‘Ahd

Reyad El Kholy as Sayed in El Fetewa

Mohamed Abdelazeem as Sameh in Be 100 Wesh

Rogeina as Fadwa in El Brens

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