A Scoop of Hope: Rokn El Yasmine is Using Books to Heal Those Recovering From the Coronavirus

It must be a huge challenge for everyone in quarantine hospitals, whether it’s physically fighting the virus, or mentally fighting the isolation, the anxiety and the uncertainty about the future. A very bright girl called Yasmine El Gendy understood that mental challenge and went the extra mile to try and help those quarantined in hospitals.

Yasmine started an initiative through Rokn El Yasmine that aims to collect books and give them to the patients in quarantine hospitals. The beautiful initiative will keep them entertained and help them in their tough fight through isolation. People can help with books, magazines, coloring books, or anything that can keep people entertained while alone.

Yasmine got in touch with the Ministry of Health and they were very cooperative and helped her to sanitize the books and send them to people in quarantine.

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