A Scoop of Mosalsalat: The Hypothetical Endings for ‘B 100 Wesh’ Might Just Turn Out Better Than the Real Thing!

Since Ramadan is coming to end, the series that has been entertaining everyone throughout the month is coming to a close. And unlike many others, ‘B 100 Wesh’ might be the only series where viewers are asking for a part two because they just don’t want it to end.

As much as we enjoyed the robberies they did together, we got attached to each character in the gang: Omar, Sokkar, Hamada, Maggy, Sebaie, Naglaa, Sameh, Fathy, Radwa, and Zizo, and since we’re approaching the end, we can’t bear the idea of any of them getting caught.

via Twitter

After yesterday’s episode, where Maggy received a phone call from police officers and went to get interrogated, viewers took to social media, making up creative scenarios that would all result in the gang not getting caught. While some suggested the police officer falling in love with Maggy and becoming part of the gang, others suggested that good doesn’t necessarily have to win over evil this time, and the officers can just let them finish this one last robbery.

Even famed Egyptian Director Amr Salama joined other viewers after the episode was aired, sarcastically expressing his fears in a tweet saying that he’ll be just as mad if they get caught.

WE SAID THIS: Do you think they’ll get caught?

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