How to Boogie 101: 5 Tips for Arab Dudes Who Fear the Dance Floor


It’s party season at its finest, but just like some people find great pleasure in that, to others it may be a nightmare. Especially to men who cannot; not sure how to say this but, umm, dance? YES! As dancing sounds like a piece of cake, to some boys they’d rather be hit by lightning before they’re publicly seen grooving. But, don’t worry, boys! We’re here to the rescue! You no longer have to pretend to be a party pooper who doesn’t “like” how to dance, because it really is simple and we’re going to talk you through it.

Remember, you are not Khallaf El Dahshoury Khallaf

Try not to be stiff! Even if you don’t have any special dance moves for the crowd, just loosen up and start swaying step by step. Also, remember that you don’t need to stand in one place; move around, there’s left and right and all sorts of other directions. Basically, you’re DANCING so don’t stand still!

Use your whole body

That takes us to the following tip; use your whole body. But, don’t be stiff, remember? Instead, remember that you have joints and that your body is already divided for you. Shoulders, arms, torso, legs, and so forth. These are your life saviors, especially your legs. So, in case everything goes wrong, just start moving those legs and nobody will notice.

But don’t get carried away

Just remember, don’t get carried away while you improvise. You don’t want to end up doing some weird facial expressions or hand gestures.

Focus on the beat

If you can’t dance then you simply have a poor rhythm. But, don’t worry! You can solve that by simply listening closely to the music you’re dancing to. Pick up the beats in the background and move when they drop, and voilà!

And the key, self-confidence!

Most importantly is to be confident. If you’re shy, you’ll start getting nervous and you don’t want that. And remember, confidence will always be more attractive than dancing.

WE SAID THIS: Now, you’re good to go! You’d better get moving and get on that dance floor. Skip practicing in front of the mirror, it’s really not worth it. It’s the vibe and energy of the moment that will make you ace it.