Here are 9 Must-Visit National Protectorates in Egypt!

1. Intro

Egypt; the golden land of the Pharaohs, is maybe best known for its magnificent ancient history and culture, but it’s definitely home to some of mother nature’s work of art. The country happens to have over 25 national protectorates; some of which are operating normally and some aren’t open to the public. However, in an attempt to raise awareness about our country’s mesmerizing beauty, we thought we ought to let you know about our ultimate favorite ones that’ll soon be your favs too.

2. Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohamed
Via Egittiamo

Best known for its stunning reefs and marine life, this national protectorate is only a few kilometers away from Sharm El Sheikh. So if you’re thinking about a not so cliché day trip for a change, that’s the place.

3. Nabq

Via Beautiful Global

Speaking noncliché, you can find this heaven on Earth on your way from Sharm to Dahab. So you’d better make a stop if you’re looking for hidden gems with breathtaking marine life and mangroves.

4. Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine
Via Pinterest

This Bedouin city is without any doubt one of the most beautiful places in the country. Amongst its chain of mountains and valleys lie Mount Catherine; Egypt’s highest peak, and Mount Sinai known as Jebel Moussa, where it’s claimed that Moses spoke to God and was given the 10 commandments.

5. Abu Galloum

Abu Galloum
Via Embah

Abu Galloum lies on the golden sandy shores of Dahab surrounded by gigantic mountains from one side and the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea from another. There, you could enjoy a laidback camping experience at night and snorkeling during the day to check out some of the country’s most beautiful reefs.

6. Wadi El Gemal

Wadi El Gemal
Via Port Ghalib

This place near the Red Sea’s Marsa Alam is simply out of this world. So aside from the coral reefs, the prehistoric rock formations, the camels are definitely not a joke.

7. Wadi El Rayan

Wadi El Rayan
Via Al Baraa Travel

If you’re into waterfalls, water springs, and spending the night in the wild, this wonderful camping spot in Fayoum is just for you.

8. Sanur Caves

Sanur Caves
Via Scoop Empire

You may have seen such caves in movies only, but we can proudly tell you that we have similar ones in Egypt as well, in east of Beni Sueif governorate to be more precise.

9. Elba

Via Martin Plaut

Located in Halayeb, south of Egypt is one of the most breathtaking national parks. If you ask around, you’ll find that this place is on most travelers’ bucket lists, however, getting access is not that easy because of the park’s location near the borders and some political tension.

10. Wadi Degla

Wadi Degla
Via Flickr

This is basically an open-air geological museum where there are fossils that date back to centuries ago. And one of the best things about it is that it’s located in Maadi. So, you could hike, camp, or take a moment to appreciate mother nature in the heart of Cairo.

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