Gold on the Sidewalks: 4 Cairo Alleyways That Offer Affordable Books for Bibliophiles

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By Nada Hamouda

With wooden stalls overflowing with books of every genre that can be found in any small alleyway in Cairo, there are some streets designated entirely for outdoor booksellers that should be part of any book lover’s trip to the capital.

However, there are four main venues that offer a massive amount of collectible, new and used books, and magazines under open skies with affordable prices. So, when you’re in the mood for a simple stroll and browse, you would probably need to pay a visit to one of those valuable book markets:

Soor El Azbakeya

Located near to Al-Ataba metro station in Downtown Cairo, Soor El Azbakeya open-air book market includes over a hundred bookstores. You can find a variety of books at a very affordable prices, as you can find English novels in Al Azbakeya for only EGP 25,0 to EGP 40,0. However, be sure not to appear overeager for a certain book so that nobody would try to take advantage of you.

Cairo University Wall

Due to the nature of their customers who are mostly students, Cairo University Wall displays academic and scientific books. However, you would probably be surprised at the prices as some book might actually cost only EGP 2,0.

Soor El Sayeda Zainab

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Though Soor El Sayeda Zeinab is not the most popular place for book lovers, it’s considered by many a cultural treasure. It houses about 40 book stands with prices that range from EGP 10.0 to EGP 50,0. However, people who work there are not just standard book merchants as they’re quite the intellectuals who would grab you into some interesting discussions.

The High Court of Justice area

Nearby the High Court building, you can find all books that might satisfy both the intellectuals and the bookworms who just search for a romantic novel or a light drama novella.

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