Lebanese Nour Safieddine Just Found Out A New Way To Battle Depression and Here it is!

By Febronia Hanna

With depression being everyone’s lethal friend nowadays, Nour Safieddine decided she is no longer going to be depression’s best buddy. With her pink T-shirt and her blue spirit, she runs the streets of Beirut to get through her days.

Via Getty Images

“I run to carry on, so life can smile at me even if it made me cry — or in fact, not to die after the thought of suicide crept into my head,” she said.

Around a year ago, her father and her sister left her world in sudden deaths. The incident left her with crippling depression, but she was set to beat it and help others through their battles.

“I decided I had to give positive energy to these people and remind them that life is worth living and that they deserve to live,” She told AFP. She did this through running and speaking up about the topic that has been considered as taboo by many in the Lebanese society.

Nour was really surprised by the response, others are coping with their depression through talking, seeking help from professionals but Safieddine’s coping mechanism is running, she managed to complete half a marathon and is planning to work on her mechanism.

“I run for freedom, I run for life, I run for myself, I run for my pain, and I run for those like me,” she said.

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