Featured Artists at Street Con Dubai


Street Con opens in Deira today until Feb. 15 for a 10-day urban art festival featuring 20 multidisciplinary creatives who will be realizing their vision all over the surfaces of the Al Ghurair Centre.

Expect interactive installations, post-surrealist street art, tag-team painting sessions, live figurine customizations and even a Kids’ Creative Corner. Add live music and street theater for a truly inspiring experience.

“Urban art is created by artists living, depicting or experiencing city life,” said Rollan Rodriguez (aka Evil Dogboy), curator of Street Con and founder of art collective Brownmonkeys. “This may be the illustration on your T-shirt, the design of your sneaker or the shape of your toys. The artist’s responsibility is to amplify these visual cues and reinterpret them.”

Check out who’ll be at the Dubai Urban Art Festival and a sample of their work, below:



"Protection", Auckland, 2013
“Protection”, Auckland, 2013



A5 drawings, 2013
A5 drawings, 2013



Dubai Emirates Golf Course, 2013
Dubai Emirates Golf Course, 2013


Paul Bruwer

Comic page concept, 2013
Comic page concept, 2013



From left: "Urbanimals", "Distorted Dreams" and "Shamanistic Extinction", 2014
From left: “Urbanimals”, “Distorted Dreams” and “Shamanistic Extinction”, 2014


Tarsila Schubert

“Sao Jorge”



Liz Ramos-Prado

"The Juggler", Abu Dhabi, 2012
“The Juggler”, Abu Dhabi, 2012



Double Vision Project, 2009
Double Vision Project, 2009


Kathryn Wilson

Courtesy of Kathryn Wilson
Courtesy of Kathryn Wilson


Victoria Viray-Ganzon

"Ladder to Oblivion", 2012
“Ladder to Oblivion”, 2012


Digital Addict

"S o l d i e r z", 2005
“S o l d i e r z”, 2005


Darwin Guevarra

"Stand as Human"
“Stand as Human”


Ella Orencillo

"The City Is Your Canvas", 2013
“The City Is Your Canvas”, 2013


Konan Lim




Wall mural, 2011
Wall mural, 2011


Evil Dogboy

"Modern Revolution", 2011
“Modern Revolution”, 2011


Mad Ink



Also featured are Depikt, Muhaisnah 4 and James McCranie but you’ll have to hit up Street Con in person to see their work for yourself.


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