Berence Genève: Top-Notch Quality Swiss Brand Lands in the Middle East



Tell us about yourself, your background and how you got into the fashion world?


We are both Egyptians who grew up in Switzerland, which allowed us to have close access to the European fashion industry. I was in charge of marketing for a high quality cosmetic brand and Adham worked for many years with high-end brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tods.



IMG_3040 (1)How would you define Berence, Genève?


Berence is the pure expression of refinement, quality and fresh design. The perfect example to this statement is the passementarie buttons used in each polo.



Why did you bring the brand to Egypt, where do you see the niche for a brand like this?


The idea of taking the representation of Berence in the Middle East came naturally due to the success of the brand in Europe. We decided to start in Egypt because we saw the demand growing and Egyptian men are becoming more selective. The brand targets men from 20 years old and above with a strong attraction to natural elegance with a modern touch.
We also wanted to show what Switzerland had to offer besides watches and chocolates. The Swiss clothing industry has been represented by the famous high-end brand Bally, known for its top quality, and consistent designs, we simply want to expand Swiss fashion. We believe that Berence, with its attention to details, represents perfectly the top-notch quality Switzerland is known for.



We love how the brand has a very clean look, very polo club like; do you see this as a growing trend?


IMG_3037Yes we do! The look of Berence has to be very neat, as it has to fit and represent the refined image of elite sports such as polo, sailing yacht, golf etc. This trend has been growing for many years and we believe it will take an even bigger part of the market in the future.



Where can people find the product?

For the time being, you can find it in two major stores in Cairo, at Dstore and Beymen.


What are your expansion plans, or future plans?

We are currently working into expanding within the Egyptian market in order to reach more customers and make it easier for them to find us. We are also looking at new opportunities within the Middle East.
Our next step is to introduce the brand in Lebanon, which is actually happening now. Future shops where the collection will be available will be announced on our Facebook page Berence Middle East.


WE SAID THIS: To find out more about Berence Middle East, like their Facebook page here or visit their website here.