You’ve Never Seen Video Footage Of Old Cairo Like This Before

Local Cairene post-rock band Go! Save the Hostages! have put together a gem of a music video for their song “Souvenir Du Caire”.

The video is a window to the Cairo of yesteryear, featuring slowed down footage of city life from the 1950s, with classic cars, clean streets, cable cars, men in tarboush and wide open, not-yet-developed land.

You’ll also see scenes from a souq in Hussein, recognizable landmarks in Heliopolis, Muhammad Ali Mosque, men smoking at ahuas and carrying pallets of bread on their heads and tourists on camels; some things never change.

The footage is brilliantly set against “Souvenir Du Caire”, a wistful, hopeful track that builds up beautifully. Well done, guys.


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