Biker Zone, the First Specialized Egyptian Event in the Field of Free Sports, Motorsports, Bicycles, Is Celebrating the 5th Anniversary this Year

Via Biker Zone Expo and Show

Following the smashing success of the previous four rounds of Biker Zone, the first and most renowned Egyptian event in the field of outdoor sports, adventure sports, extreme sports, motorsports and Bicycles, Phenomena – the organizer of Biker Zone – announced the date of holding the fifth round scheduled for 4th 5th May 2018 at Cairo Festival City in a big celebration for the 5th anniversary.

Via Biker Zone Expo and Show

Over the past four years, Biker Zone has become the talk of the town and attention for many Egyptians of different categories and ages to become a success story born from a mere idea.

The 2017 edition of Biker Zone welcomed over 14,000 visitors including 4,000 Biker and cycler, featured over 70 brands across 35 big exhibitors like “Ducati” “Mobil”, “Havoline”, “NGK”, “Yamaha”, “Nacita”, “Benelli” and “UBER”. In addition, classic cares show, Rally teams parade and some local underground bands such as “Pick a street”, were also treated to paragliding, bike stunt shows and Off Track shows.

Via Biker Zone Expo and Shows

“We are very proud and happy with the success of Biker Zone for the fifth year in a row,” Mahmoud Mazen, Managing Director of Phenomena – the organizer of the event – said. “This year the event holds many new zones and different great surprises. All lovers of sports of all ages will enjoy themselves and spend a great time with us, which is our main intention from this event. It’s another successful round for Biker Zone with many more to come in the future,” he added.

Biker Zone is considered the first and biggest get together of all adventure and free sports’ lovers of all kinds such as motorsports and air bikes, safaris and desert activities, 4-wheel drive vehicles, scouts, capoeira, parkour and many other creative and free sports and activities.

This year’s event is held in the presence and under the sponsorship of many multinational companies to introduce several products and services that serve the needs and interests of the event’s visitors.

The fifth round of Biker Zone witnesses the launching of several new activities and products.

Another newly launched zone is the free sports zone “Get Moving”, which basically aims at supporting, motivating, and showcasing several independent sports that are increasingly meeting with strong public support and interest.

The organizers also mentioned that one of the most important zones is the “Off Road” zone, allocated to desert adventurers and lovers of 4-wheel drive cars and desert motorbikes. They also announced the existence of many new surprises and important statements in the coming period.

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