11 Types of People You’ll Meet at an International School in Cairo

International schools can sometimes feel like a world of their own. There’s a ton of strange rules, but the education you receive is top-notch. With a unique space, however, come unique people. Here are a few of them:



1. The Sha3by Fanatic



Their role models in life are Oka and Ortega. They can be found at an Oka and Ortega concert every Thursday. They were probably also the first to buy tickets to the sha3by festival. They’re easy to spot thanks to their gelled hair and obnoxiously loud music.



2. The Fake 5awaga



At first sight, you’d think this person wasn’t a local. They are never heard talking in Arabic and they never get any references to Egyptian pop culture. And then one day you find out their mother’s name is Esraa and they’ve never stepped foot outside of Egypt and you begin to question everything you’ve ever known.



3. The Actual 5awaga


group of young ecologists smiling at the camera with a globe in the middle of them
Their parents are either teachers or Diplomats. Don’t expect them to speak Arabic, even if they’ve lived here for 7 years. This person either has a gazillion friends or none at all. There’s no in between.



4. The Blondie Who Thinks Everything Revolves Around Them



No matter what school you went to, there was probably that one obnoxious blonde kid who thought they were oh so special.



5. The One Who Can Barely Speak Any English



This person has gone to a school where the primary language of instruction is English every single day since they were 3 years old and yet they barely speak a single word of English. Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing all these years.



6. The Outspoken Feminist



They’ll go on a 20 minute rant about how the History textbook is misogynistic and Eurocentric. They will also call everyone out on any sexist, racist or homophobic comments they make.



7. The Future President



This kid shows up in formal wear on Thursdays, always talks like they’re giving a political speech. Even though it’s easy to make fun of them, you can tell they’re going places.



8. The Broke One



This person hangs around the cantine at every single break, asking everyone for money so they can buy food. No one knows why they never pack their own lunch instead of standing around and asking for money.



9. The Future Adele



You can often find this person with sheet music in hand. They’re constantly singing and participate in every play or concert. If there’s every any music-related event, you know they’ll be there.



10. The Stranger



You’ll meet this person for the first time on the day of finals. They technically go to school but they never show up and when they do, they skip all their classes. Honestly, it’s a miracle they even showed up to the exam.



11. The Overdramatic Couple



There’s always that one couple that makes you wonder why they’re even together. All they ever do is fight and create drama. They’ve probably also broken up and gotten back together over a dozen times.


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