8 Types of Teachers You Definitely Remember

If you say you hated them, you’re ungrateful. If you say you loved them, you’re just lying. Here are some of the most memorable types of teachers we’ve ever had to endure in our time.



The Couch Potato


This teacher’s class is pretty much a free period. You walk in, the chalkboard says read chapters 5-8, so you read the online summary when you get home. Your homework mark is either peer graded or based on completion and your test is most likely taken off the Internet or the same one they’ve been using every year since they got the job.



The Uptight French Teacher


You’re not exactly sure why it is that second language teachers are specifically strict, but they are. They won’t let you leave to go to the bathroom until you say “Je dois aller aux toilettes,” because apparently they don’t understand any other language within classroom perimeters. They almost always wear a button-down sweater or shirt and force you to watch crappy foreign films.



The Spawn of Satan


This teacher thrives on putting their students down. You’re almost entirely sure they drink child tears and they will not stop yelling even when their victim is literally in tears. You catch yourself having violent fantasies about hacking at their throat with an axe, but can’t deny that you are dead scared of them.



The Chilled Out Teacher


This teacher is the one you can come to when you just need that extra 2% at the end of the term so you can be at a B. Their class requires the least effort and you find yourself socializing the entire time.



The Autobiographer


This teacher seems to have this special talent for relating their personal life to each and every single topic they discuss in class. During tests you try your absolute hardest to find the sum of x but all you can think about is their experience in Thailand two summers ago. Hello, stories about in-water fruit markets are not going to help you in the real world!



The Perverted Creep




Everything they say or do makes you highly uncomfortable. You’re almost certain they’ve been convicted with some kind of sexual offense before. They look you right in the eyes, seem to find the most inappropriate word in a sentence and repeat twelve times, and if you’re a girl you catch yourself pulling up your top to cover any potential cleavage in their class.



The Self-Loathing Teacher


This teacher plays favorites and you’re certain that they have an internal crisis and take it out on the students. If it’s a female teacher, she hates all her girl students and they get the worst luck in class. If it’s a male, they’re overly nice to the girls and it sometimes it gets a little strange.


The Hot Teacher



You don’t actually know if they’re good at their job or not, because you can never bring yourself to pay attention to what they’re saying. You just stare. You probably study really well for their class at home, because you will not have them think badly of you. You love when they bend over a desk to help another student.



The Funny Teacher



This teacher is probably the only teacher whose class you look forward to the most. They make learning fun and remember pretty well what it was like to be a teenager themselves. You’re actually upset when they tell you that you haven’t been working hard enough and this is the one teacher you will legitimately miss next year.



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