Let Us Break These Feminist Stereotypes For You…

Over the years, feminists (female feminists, that is) have been associated with countless adjectives and stereotypes, lots of which were not, shall we say, pretty. In fighting for equality, we seem to have been mistaken for a few things that we’re actually not, and have had a bunch of exaggerations and over-blown labels and myths thrown our way.

Admittedly, though, some are just so absurd to the extent that they’re funny – so allow us to break them for you.



“Feminists Are Man-Haters”



Such a classic one that oozes with ridiculousness. Feminists, in fact, support equal rights for both sexes and will go the extra mile to fight sexism aimed at men. We do not despise men in any way, but despise any injustice that is primarily based on gender differences.



“Feminists Are Unattractive”



Vain? Yes. Irrelevant? Totally. Let us start by saying that one’s attractiveness probably does not rest on a single ideology they may or may not hold. It’s the whole darn package the person comes with. Also, Emma Watson is a self-proclaimed feminist so this argument is invalid. Moving on…



“Feminists Are Not Marriage Material”



Sure they are not, because a woman who believes in equal pay and equal opportunities cannot possibly fully commit to the institution of marriage – no incongruities there! Some humans do make good spouses and others don’t – them being feminists has very little to do with that. End of story.



“Feminists Always Complain About Everything!”



Do you see us rioting in the streets about the fact that cropped jumpers are a thing now even though they totally don’t make sense and defeat the whole purpose of a jumper? In all seriousness though, yes we do, in fact, make our voices heard loud and clear about the injustices we witness even in today’s supposedly advanced world and we see nothing wrong with that. Hey, silence about important matters never changed a thing.



“Feminists Look Down on Housewives and Non-Career-Oriented Women”


Feminists generally support liberty and freedom of choice and thus a woman (or a man)’s decision to stay at home is nothing to ridicule. We, however, do not support the forceful subjection of society’s sexist norms and biased ideas on individuals. You don’t have to stay at home and you don’t have to work; you do whatever suits you, regardless of what the status quo is.



Now that we’ve vented and cleared up some pretty ludicrous labels, let us leave you with a closing thought: If only we spent as much time and energy understanding people’s views as we do on making over-generalizations and placing others in pre-determined boxes, the world would be a much better place.



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