17 Types of People You Remember from High School

For every time you were reminiscing and almost thought you missed high school, the good and the bad memories come back to you. But mostly bad. Here are some of the reasons that made your high school life suck so much…or rather the people.



1. The Rich Boy



He’s the spawn of Satan and you hate him… Okay, he’s kind of attractive. Maybe more than kind of. No, shut up. He’s evil and that’s that. Handsome evil?



2. The ‘Motasawel’


You can’t tell if he’s trying too hard or if he’s really that much of an imbecile. Either way, you keep your distance and watch this spectacle from afar… way afar.



3. The Princess


You can feel her prying eyes judging you every day in the hallway – she doesn’t like your new shirt, your eyebrows are weird and why are you so annoying? Ugh. Just leave.



4. The Drama Queen


They surprise you every morning with eyes surrounded by melted eyeliner – they are the human raccoons. They’re lives are harder than anyone in life, like ever. And you’re so not tired of hearing about it.



5. The Womanizer


The real life Johnny Bravo, he cares for nothing other than ladies, babes and chicks. He’s that obnoxious insect that won’t leave you alone when you’re in biology class because he wants to know how “human reproduction” works… as if.



6. The Boy Diva


The theatre is his sustenance, he loved The Little Mermaid and strives not to wear the same sweater twice a week. He’s fabulous – don’t touch his hair.



7. The Open-Minded Girl


“I mean, don’t talk about anyone you don’t know like that, okay?” “Who knows what his home life is like?” “Guys, just let her wear what she wants – it’s not like it’s affecting you!”



8. The Philosopher


The intellectual, the hipster, whatever you want to call this personality. They hate the government and love tie-dye. They don’t eat chicken and worship Sylvia Plath. Make love not war.



9. The Artist



Kind of a social outcast, always has paint on their jeans, but pretty nice if you talk to them. This individual spends all their lunch hours working on paintings and has a pretty close relationship with their art teacher.



10. The Stoner



One of the side effects of smoking cannabis is never shutting up about the fact that you smoke cannabis. And they don’t… ever. Their profile picture is either a marijuana leaf or a picture of them blowing smoke out of their mouths.



11. The Rock ‘n Roller



Music, music, music. Everyday this individual shows up in a band shirt, which is always black, baggy jeans, long messy hair and dirty All-stars. He’s only ever talked to you that one time you wore a Guns and Roses shirt and he really liked it.



12. The Class Clown


class clown

The guy/girl everyone loves. They can do no wrong and devote all their time to making everyone laugh. Even the teachers fail to convince you that they actually take offense at their behavior.



13. The Worried Nerd


worried nerd

This person is the type to walk into class with shaking hands and swollen eyes because they got 85% on a really (not that important) essay. They have convinced themselves that this grade will determine their future happiness, career, love life, and health of their offspring.



14. The Innocent One


This angel is the person you and your friends tease relentlessly, much to their annoyance. But you mean no harm, in fact you find them endearing and adorable. Aww.



15. The Preacher


Everything you ever think, feel, or experience is wrong. They are right. Don’t you dare talk back.



16. The Upfront One



Painfully honest and not the person you come to for outfit advice. This person doesn’t have subtlety in their dictionary and nor do they care to add it. Their motto is, “If you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen”…  They’re the kitchen in this scenario, of course.



17. The Insecure One



This individual constantly compares themselves to other people and complains about their appearance or actions. You try to cheer them up the first few times, but then it gets old. Okay fine, you’re ugly. I said it – leave me alone.



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