#ScoopHero2015: Arab American Breaking Beauty Stereotypes

It seems like everyone these days is a fashionista and beauty blogger, but what sets some apart from others? Challenging the status quo. Ameera Nassir is our Unsung Fashion and Beauty Hero 2016. So who is Ameera Nassir and how did she earn the title?

The 24-year-old California native is more than just a pretty face or banging body. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in political science, Nassir couldn’t really find a place in the corporate world.


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Believing in the power of entrepreneurship, Nassir decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and become her own boss. Facing the orientalist stereotypes of being an oppressed Arab woman, the young beauty guru decides not to be constricted by societies ignorance.

“Arab women like myself are under a constant microscope from all spectrums in this world (social, political, religious) and compare ourselves to impossible standards.” Nassir explains to us.

Mastering the art of makeup and hair, Nassir’s tutorial are easy to follow for a newbie and actually entertaining for a beauty blogger personality. “Self-acceptance is something that is invaluable in this world. We live in a culture obsessed with beauty. My goal for my channel is not to promote this perverted ideology of modifying the human form to conform to society’s ideals.”

Challenging beauty norms set on by a society airbrushed flawlessness, Nassir has advocated for body positive images by encouraging followers to find the beauty in their perfect imprecations; whether it’s rocking their curves or accepting their imperfect skin.

“My goal is to help my viewers embrace and enhance who they are for themselves and not for the world. Don’t wear makeup for the boys, wear it because it represents your beauty on the inside. Don’t squeeze into that waist trainer to compete with the size-zeros. Compete with yourself. Sit back, recognize your weaknesses, and then capitalize on them, and the world will bow down.”

With an American society obsessed with the “exotic” look, an Arab society desperately seeking the Anglo-Saxon look and both idolizing an unrealistic size 2 with curves woman, Nassir has struggled to find a middle ground between both since she never fit into either standard of “beautiful.” Instead she found acceptance in her own body and realized that trying to adhere to her own standard of beauty, which is just the way she is.

Along with breaking norms of beauty, Nassir has also redefined merits of a beauty blogger, having studied political science she can analyze the hell out of nativism in America and preferential trade agreements. Who said you can’t have beauty and brains?

Ameera, you are our hero!


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