How Much Are You Paying for Your Child’s Private Education in Egypt?

Ahh yes, education, the cornerstone of development for any young human being and the most crucial during their developing years. From the age of five up until 18 (not to mention university after), parents are expected to put their kids in the best schools in order to get the best educations (they can afford) to make the best out of these little humans.

With the prices of private schools in Egypt and everyone clambering to find their kids a spot in some of the top rated schools, I started wondering: How much are parents actually spending on their kids’ educations?

These private schools that we proudly brag our kids have gone to and compare to some of the best public schools in the U.S. and Europe – are they really worth all this money?

Having compiled a list of what seems to be the best private schools in Egypt (based on a quick survey), here’s what you have to shell out to put your kids in the below:



CAC (Cairo American College)



If you were to put your children in the American School from Kindergarten to 12th grade, expect to spend a whopping 1,907,367 LE.

Yes, you read that right parents, a nice cool and easy two million pounds – and that’s just for one child!



BISC (British International School)



If you want to put your kids in the British equivalent of CAC located in 6th of October, you’re expected to shell out 1,295,264 LE for them to be in the school from KG until they graduate.






With two campuses – one in Katameya and the other in 6th of October – in order for your kids to attend 1st to 12th grade at the SABIS accredited school, expect to spend from 560,040 LE upwards.



AIS (American International School)



Want your son or daughter to attend AIS? Then be prepared to spend a mere $161,540 (1,159,857 LE) from pre-K to 12th grade.



MES (Modern English School Cairo)



MES offers an American curriculum from grades 7 to 12, making you shell out a nice cool $59,850 (429,723 LE) in order for your kids to get educated from Middle School to High School.



DEO (German School in Cairo)



Known as one of the best educations in Egypt and, strangely enough, one of the cheapest on this list for parents to send their children to, the German school from 1st to 12th grade will set you back 312,000 LE.



Al Alsson



Known for its campus in Mansoureya, Al Alson’s British section will set parents back a nice cool $126,850 (910,783 LE) to send their kids off from foundation stage 1 to year 13.



After seeing the numbers that parents these days have to spend in order to ensure their kids get a decent education, it makes me raise the question: How can young families afford shelter, putting food on the table and sending their kids off to school?

In the west, private schools are enjoyed by those who have the means and capabilities to put their children in educational systems that they see will help their children excel and possibly end up getting them into an Ivy league school; it is a luxury they can afford. Some of the public schools in the U.S. do churn out some of the smartest university candidates there are.

In Egypt, though, it seems to be the contrary – parents make ends meet to get their children in the best schools possible due to the simple fact that they have no other choice. The public school system here, as we all know, is a joke, so they are left with two options: be broke, but have a well-educated child (as they will be your future investment), or sidestep their education for you to live a more comfortable life?



WE SAID THIS: Don’t have children – it’s easier, or stick to one! 😉


**** Prices are based on schools’ websites and some have been averaged based on the number of years children will attend the school.