The Basic Guide to Your 2021 Summer Closet

Fashion trends of summer are here, and although summer is all about sun, sand, and sea, fashion remains our obsession. We’re ready to go out and shop for this season, but what’s up with fashion this summer? Although it has been a quiet year for the fashion world due to the ongoing pandemic, putting the world on hold for more than a year now, fashion doesn’t hold back. We’ve spotted bold and stylish designs, from tops to cute bags and headscarves, and it’s time we tell you what’s trending and which ones are making a hit this season!

1. Black face mask

Let’s start with the piece that took over the trend for two years in a row. With this black face mask, you can look extra stylish whilst protecting yourself and others around you. Its most sleek advantage is its versatility. It can go with anything, from high fashion couture, to a jeans’ day outfit. Wear it plain and embrace its ninja chic vibes, or go fancy with embellishments.

2. Head scarves

This sleek trend takes inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s, and relates directly to our Arab fashion culture. It shows a strong comeback this season with beautiful designs, from floral motifs, to plain bold colors and patterns. This piece can add a beautiful touch to your outfit without causing unneeded crowdedness. You can wrap it over your head with a simple knot on the neck, or just let it hang as a neck accessory.

Head scarves were a crucial element in Versace’s swim suit collection for this season.

The gorgeous Asmaa Galal sporting for this trend in a bold leopard printed head scarf.

3. Monochromatic infestation

In a world where you can’t find white and black, only living among shades of grey, fashion found the black and white answer in the monochrome magical infestation, and the celebration of the monochrome in all shades and colors. In this monochrome trend, you’ll find an ease of colors you won’t find anywhere else. While so many shades and colors came out with this trend, black and white still are our favorite. It’s simple, versatile, and absolutely fabulous.

Maya Diab is sporting for this trend in an outstanding black and white, with breathtaking shoes.

And again in this divine lavender look, we are smitten. Maya Diab can wear fur, anytime, anywhere, as she is timeless and has no boundaries.

Malak Badwi celebrating her prize for Roller Coaster in the Alexandria Festival for short movies, in a beautiful Orchid short dress, and a violet, to-die-for high boots. Scandalous beauty.

4. Small bags

They are taking over the fashion scene this season with beautiful basic colors, especially yellow and blue, which serve a monochromatic look so well. Use the cute small clutch to finish off your day or evening look, and give it a spicy hue.

Sarah bags is one of the chicest brands in the Middle East that provide a wide range of fabulous small bags.

5. Bralettes/Crops/Tubes: here’s to showing a lil’ sass

The 90’s trend is making a very strong comeback, and we can’t be any more excited. The catwalk look is youthful, sleek, and bold. It comes in beautiful 50’s-tinged (Osman), plain and minimalist, or covered in rhinestones (Versace). You can style it with pants, shorts, skirts, or even a classic coat look (Dior).

From left to right: Osman, Dior and Versace.

Lama Jouni is one of the Arab brands that celebrate bralettes gorgeously.

We spotted Zayneb Azzam in a sassy vibe with a white bralette on a breath-taking monochromatic look, and we love it.

6. String theory

A series of crisscrossing and wraparound details emerging so much structure in futuristic and minimal designs. It can emerge from a skirt, or from the aforementioned bralette.

From left to right: Versace, Paco Rabanne and Victoria Beckham.

7. It’s the season of the minimalist

Who said you need a fuss to perfect the art of styling an outfit? This season, minimalist designers have released so many minimal designs that serve an arty, chic, and magnificent look.

Bershka’s new collection of swim suits for 2021 came so simple and minimal, and yet, have not disappointed our expectations.

Via Instagram

8. Sheer magic

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani.

Breathy, floaty and divine. This is the trend for the fashion geeks out there. It provides a high sense of style and easy way to compose a high couture outfit. It’s the perfect fabric for summer, and the most summery look you can wear.

We saw Nadine Nassib Nijem on the cover of Harper Bazaar Arabia with a high fashion top of sheer fabric, and she looked stunning.

And, we spotted the beautiful new collection of Youssef AlJasmi, fabricated fully in sheer and Swarovski, and we are astonished.

9. Sets on the run

Sets are the new fashion trends. People are heading more and more into buying full sets, as many brands are providing spectacular full outfits that are ready to wear with a high sense of style, and serve fierce and gorgeous vibes.

Bershka is one of the brands that serve the most astonishing sets that provide a casual and youthful sense that your eye cannot miss.

Dana Hourani wore bralettes in a black minimal look with so much gorg. Just on point girl!

10. Sliders season

Sliders are summery in core and can go with anything, from a swim suit walk on the beach, to a night outing at the club. It’s all about choosing the right slide for the right outfit. Among all the summer fashion trends of 2021 collections, we are extra excited for this one.

You can get beautiful sliders from Bershka, Zara, Adidas, and H&M.

Tell us your opinion about these trends, and if you spotted anything else in the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion collection that will be causing a fuss.

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