From Spacetoon to Cassette Tapes, 10 Memories Only Millennial Kids can Bond Over

As a generation comes after another generation, only a few relate with each other. Boomers, millennials, and Gen Z are back to back. The backbone of this time are the millennials; the working force of our time, the youth, and the future. All of them relate on some level that only they will understand. All ’90s kids have shared memories, and here are Scoop’s list of 10 good ol’ nostalgic memories you’d definitely recognize as a millennial!


This cartoon channel is the official sponsor of every Arab kid’s life. From the Police Academy, Captain Majid, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, to Case Closed. We all remember the ads for toys that were exclusively being sold in Saudi Arabia and probably were too expensive for anyone to order. The doll Fulla, the hair coloring kit, the race cars, and way way more.

معظم الأوتاكو بدأوا من هنا "سبيستون قناة شباب المستقبل" 😂 | جمهورية  الاوتاكو ¦ ŐŤĂĶŰ Amino
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Remember that old, heavy, squared, white computer? Kids used to sit for hours in front of that thing. If you had siblings, you probably had to take shifts on the computer. And while your sibling played some games, you probably just sat next to him/her waiting for your turn. It’s the best kind of agony for a millennial.

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Snacks and candy bars are vital to your childhood. Almost all of the snacks that we ate in the past no longer exist. This 5&5 wafer was one of them. And, there’s the Star chocolate bar, Gersy chocolate, and Qalbaz snacks. A true millennial has binged at least once on some of these snacks.

سعر ومواصفات Jiola Wafer 5x5 g من noon فى مصر - ياقوطة!‏
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Video camera

Now, this video camera was big in comparison to camera’s nowadays. It had a rechargeable battery, tapes that you had to buy, and a small screen, because technology was quite advanced at that time. Every family probably had one of these video cameras, and an endless number of video tapes stacked along with their children’s childhood tapes.

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Computer games

While you enjoyed your turn playing computer games, you probably played one or two games that every millennial knew. From Neighbors From Hell, Zuma, Feeding Freenzy, Chicken Invaders, to Ant Squash. If you played one of those games now, it’s likely you’ll shed a tear.

تحميل لعبة ازاي تخنق جارك 1 للكمبيوتر من ميديا فاير الجار المزعج - موقع شرحك
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The internet

Before Wi-Fi and LAN connection, you had to unplug your home phone and connect its wire into your computer. You’d be lying if you said you don’t remember the beeping sounds it made. The computer had to connect in relatively slow steps, and make those beeping sounds until you were connected to the holy network that is the internet, to play your favorite game, or download a movie that took 21 hours at times.

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The Atari is another source of family drama. Siblings fought over this as much as they did the computer. With lots of games and endless possibilities, kids fought over who had the best game and the highest scores. Long live the joystick.

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Although you may not have had a phone yourself, your parents did. Everyone played Snake on this phone. If you didn’t lose this phone yet, it’s probably still working and scratch-free. Nokia 3310 Unlocked GSM Retro Stylish Cell Phone
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Tiny gum

Those tiny gums were kind of useless, because everyone bought a pack and just ate the whole thing. It’s an essential factor in any millennial’s childhood.

لسكاكر التسعينات طعم مختلف - رصيف 22
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Cassette tapes

Ah, the good old days when music wasn’t as accessible. Back in the day, musicians just sold cassette tapes, and that’s how they made their income. Everyone had a cassette and different tapes stacked for their favorite musicians. Rewinding the tape because it got ruined is a thing everyone did. And, don’t forget when people used to record their voices and mail it to their relatives abroad because, how else would they communicate?

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