Firstly, i would like to thank the football gods for not letting this game end in penalties. Secondly, to everyone that sent me messages and bbm’s saying that Germany would chew Italy and spit them out… I wanna say “come ti piacciono le mele?”, which loosely translates to “HOWDYA LIKE THEM APPLES?”.

Germany was the firm favorite to win tonight, to be fair that was a decent assumption considering their solid, consistent performances throughout the tournament. Having said that, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THEM TONIGHT!?!?!?!?!? They were just bystanders, incapable of containing gli azzurri. From the opening whistle, Italy took the wheel, while Germany slowly began to succumb to the FRANCE virus ( a virus, which as many of you saw earlier in EURO, takes over an entire team and turns the players into …well… spectators ). Italy did not need any luck tonight, as rolling midfielder Andrea Pirlo and goal machine SUPERMario Balotelli worked in perfect harmony during the first half to send Italy ahead by two goals. Cassano assisted Balotelli’s first goal, while new AC Milan recruit Montolivo sent the ball flying over Lahm to Balotelli, who then made a b-line for the German goal. 2-0. German fans were in awe of their squad’s performance, and at halftime it was looking like Italy was penciling in a date with Spain at the final.

Germany began a little more aggressively in the beginning of the second half, but soon allowed the Italians to run circles around them. Claudio Marchiso nearly made it 4-0, but luckily the Germans avoided further embarrassment.  Balotelli subbed out with a sore leg, which brought on Di Natale, Cassano soon followed, so Prandelli put Diamanti on the pitch, even with these changes, gli azzuri maintained the upper hand. Muller came on in the second half but he did not change the unusual dynamic of the mannschaft. The Germans were gifted a penalty, after Balzaretti handled the ball in front of Buffon,  Ozul scored, lessening the blow of his squad’s defeat. Germany and Italy have met 30 times in the past, Italy has won 14 of those matches while Germany has won seven (the rest were draws), and as the full time whistle blew , Italy’s excellent performance and history (apparently) booked their appearance in Kiev against Spain in the UEFA EURO 2012 FINAL.