Saudi Arabia’s Women’s Soccer Team Promotes Environmental Message in Copenhagen

At the Global Goals World Cup, Saudi Arabia’s women’s soccer team marched in Copenhagen wearing Arwa Al-Banawi outfits with prints on the back adorning “WE ARE A KINGDOM” in capital letters in both English and Arabic.

Saudi Arabia sent its very best to the first edition of the activist football tournament for women that aims to raise awareness for critical issues including hunger, poverty, and climate change.

Known as the “Green Team”, Saudi Arabia’s women’s soccer team chose the tournament to promote sustainable uses of terrestrial ecosystems including managing forests, combating desertification, halting land degradation and biodiversity loss.

On their social account the team talked about their experience at the tournament saying “It was the first time for us to participate in the GGWCup. We met teams from all around the world who came to join forces to achieve sustainable development goals. Some worked to reduce inequalities, others worked for green energy, and we worked for Life on Land. What was important was to see the power of sports bringing nations together for peace, working for our earth, and sharing experiences”

WE SAID THIS: These women are queens of the kingdom!