Three Egyptian Vultures Have Been Released into the Bulgarian Wild

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) has announced that three young Egyptian Vultures, who previously lived in zoos in the Bulgarian cities of Zlin, Schonbrunn, and Jerez, have been released into the country’s Eastern Rhodopes last Thursday.

The vultures spent a little over two months in a special adaptation aviary, a very large cage which gives birds enough space to fly.

Via: Egypt Today

A few days ago the birds were tagged with GPS and GSM transmitters by the BSPB and another organization called Green Balkans, according to Novinite. Through those transmitters, experts will be able to monitor the birds’ behavior and how well they’re adapting to their new environment.

The three vultures hatched last year, and are part of experimental work being undertaken to re-establish the Balkan species in a way that is as nature-conscious as possible. The vultures are part of one of the three approaches adopted for testing the species recovery program. 

“It is believed that releasing them next season will help them with better adaptation and provide them with enough experience and time to cope with their first migration, which is the most deadly challenge for young Egyptian vultures in the Balkans,” Novinite said. 

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