One on One with Egypt’s Favorite Bad Boy, Ahmed Hatem Omar!

Every year, during Ramadan, the race to be the best mosalsal of the season takes over our television sets. One of the most successful series of this year’s race is hands down, Hekayty, starring Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Ahmed Bedeir, and of course, Egypt’s favorite bad boy, Ahmed Hatem Omar.

Hatem’s first role was in one of the most popular movies among Egyptian millennials, Aw’at Faragh. And since then he hasn’t stopped nailing one good role after the other. One of his most notable roles was the abusive boyfriend of Salma Abu Deif.

His role in this year’s Hekayty saw him adopt a new skin with the complex character of Adham. After the buzz we saw about the role, we had a quick interview with the man of the hour.

What are the differences between fans’ reactions to Halawet el Dunya and Hekayty?

The biggest difference is that the buzz around the character came after the end of Halawet el Dunya, while with Hekayty, it’s happening during the entire series. People have mixed feelings, from hating on Adham, to sympathizing with him, to loving him, to maybe hating on him again!

What was your alltime favorite role?

Youssef from El Haram El Rabe’ was by all means my favorite. And I think it’s the only movie that can have sequels in the future.

What’s a role that’s most close to you in real life?

I think Amir from El Markeb is the closest option.

What’s a role that you’d like to portray?

I’d like to do a historical character, maybe in the Islamic or Pharonic era.

Cinema or TV?


Romance or Action?


Psycho or Lover?


What’s your favorite Perfume?

Narciso Rodriguez.

Who’s the actor you enjoyed acting with the most?

Ahmed Bedeir.

What’s the strangest message you’ve ever received from a fan?

Well, not the strangest but it’s on the top of my head. I was recently asked by a girl about the place I practice squash. We agreed to have a match, and we did… And she won…

What do you think was your breakthrough?

Nael in Ebn Halal.

What’s your next project?

The second part of El Kenz and it’s coming out this Eid!

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